Eanix was initially founded in August of 2015 by Amro Hamza as a side project. After signing a CS:GO team to compete in ESEA Main and CEVO, the project was discontinued until 2016, when Hamza purchased a slot in the League of Legends North American Challenger Series from Team Dragon Knights. Out of this deal, the current iteration of Eanix was born. By assembling a team of League of Legends and Counter Strike pros, Eanix made a full commitment to rise to the top and become the most influential and powerful eSports franchise in the NA scene.

Headquartered in New York, we at Eanix strive to not only be the best in our craft, but also to be a staple of and advocate for the eSports community. We want to be a team of the people, one that fans can truly support and feel like a part of the Eanix family. We're more than just a logo and a team. We are a family. It is our mission to welcome people into this family, and be a team they can be proud of in victory or defeat. 

Whether it be sharing our thoughts on the eSports climate, providing our advice on in-game specifics, or sharing fan-generated content on our platforms, we know that Eanix fans are what hold us together and lift us up. We'll always to our best to foster an environment where our fans can truly be part of the team.

Make sure to follow our Twitter @EanixGG, our Facebook @EanixGG, and all of our players. See you on the battlefield!