Eanix acquires Breakaway team "StopwatchGG"

Sun 25th Jun 2017 - 4:54pm Gaming General

One of the first organisations to get their foot in the door and acquire an official team in Breakaway is EanixGG. Despite being the first ones to the party, the team at Eanix is extremely determined to bring Breakaway into the spotlight and make it to the top. The following statements are from three members of the Eanix Breakaway team in regards to how they felt about joining the org:


iKhoN: “We’re hoping that us joining Eanix will push other orgs into the scene to help support teams or convince others that are on the edge to start investing.”

EMPERIC: “[This is] more than just us getting picked up by an org, we wanted a family. We’re partnering up with them to spearhead the competitive community [of this game].”

Kronic: “Eanix was the most friendly and professional org that approached us with an offer. We felt comfortable with them and we think it’s a safe and beneficial partnership for both parties.”

We wish the boys at Eanix good luck with their team and will cheer them as well as any other future teams on in upcoming Breakaway competitions.


Our official breakaway lineup is as follows:










Jacob Senft

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