Eanix signs Overwatch team Norse!

Tue 6th Dec 2016 - 5:06am Gaming

Over the past few months Overwatch has been at the forefront of Esports and is one of the hottest games around.  The game has been gaining notoriety since Beta, where organizations like Team Liquid jumped into the fray and began signing teams.  The Overwatch hype has only been getting bigger since then.

We’ve been following the scene quite closely since then.  We’ve spoken to quite a few teams, and came close to signing a former top 15 team that disbanded around the time of the e-League qualifiers.  After those plans fell through, we began looking to see if we could piece together decent tier 2 talent, and build our own team.  We’ve been working with Norse for over a month, helping pick up the right pieces to help move forward and break into Tier 1. 

Here’s a closer look at our lineup:


Noah "Baxter" Miracle

Baxter started his competitive gaming career with Call of Duty console gaming at a young age. After making the transition away from consoles and into the realm of PC gaming, Baxter began climbing the League of Legends ladder. After a top 5 placing in the nation for the largest High School League tournament to date, he knew gaming was for him. When Overwatch was released, Baxter stepped away from League of Legends to pursue a career in Overwatch.  After shuffling through several teams he has found his spot as a prominent flex DPS player for Eanix. Baxter's wide hero pool and his ability to adapt to any situation allows him to play the flex DPS role well.


Johnny “Kingof2v1” Manesh

Kingof2v1 comes from a competitive FPS background with a rich history competing in Counter-Strike from 1.6 to CS:GO, as well as semi-professionally in Hearthstone. He has competed at national events such as The CPL and World Cyber Games, and played for organizations such as Echo 7, vVv, and X3O. He utilizes his FPS experience by playing a DPS role and serves as current Captain of the team.


Ryan “FIZIFY” Knox

FIZIFY comes from a background of playing many FPS games like COD, Halo, and Battlefield at a casual level. He found his competitive calling starting with CS:GO, and wants to take the next step in competitive gaming with Overwatch. Playing main tank for the team, you’ll be seeing him mostly on Reinhardt but he can flex it out onto any other hero if need be.


Trace "Fumiko" Clark

Fumiko is the off-tank/flex for the team. He has a long history with free-to-play shooters and MMOs, but specifically he comes from a competitive background in Alliance of Valiant Arms as a rifleman. Originally maining the DPS role at launch, he transitioned to off-tank after finding his love for Zarya. He brings analytical skills and a wide hero pool, and acts as the secondary shot-caller and target caller for the team.


Gage “San” Sangbouasy

San joins Eanix as their star support player. He comes from a long history of playing and competing in numerous games of multiple genres. San takes the support role very seriously, and helps his teammates achieve their goals in-game easier and more consistently. San also has skills giving feedback in team discussions by giving astute constructive criticism. This helps him and his teammates realize and assess problems quickly and will make Eanix a much stronger team.


We unfortunately had to say goodbye to our support/shot-caller earlier this week.  We are holding tryouts and are actively searching for a replacement to help us qualify for the upcoming Blizzard League!




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