Eanix signs top Gears of War team Legendary

Sat 12th Nov 2016 - 12:04am Gaming

11/11/2016 – New York – While it’s been pretty quiet in terms of news with us here at Eanix, we will begin with the first of many announcements to come…our venture into Gears of War.

Gears of War 4 is the newest installment of the popular Gears of War series, and the most lucrative in the games eSport history.  The 2016-2017 season will see a $1 Million dollar global circuit, incorporating cities from all around the world.  Many top organizations have dove in to the scene after this announcement, including console giant Optic Gaming.  We’re happy to announce that we’ve not only followed in their foot steps, but we are putting out a product that will be able to compete with the top teams in the world!

Team Legendary is a team comprised of up and comers and familiar faces to the scene.  They have been regularly competing in weekly and daily tournaments on MLG, and the team has caught the attention of the entire Gears scene.  Team Legendary has seen some impressive success, taking out top teams like Strictly Business, VexX Gaming, and eUnited.  The team has also taken team EnvyUs, considered a top 2 team, to the limit.

The team’s first match under the Eanix banner will be the MLG 250 series event taking place tonight at 8 PM EST.  The team will also be attending the MLG Columbus Open on November 25th – 27th.


Our lineup going forward will be:


Christian “RushieZ” Rivera - Follow on twitter at : @Rushies_

Joshua “Rozado” Davila - Follow on twitter at : @rozad0

Zackery “StraFey” Logan - Follow on twitter at : @strafey_                                                                        

Jacob “Bjrdy” Blaker - Follow on twitter at : @blrdys

Jakob “Nastty” Patterson - Follow on twitter at : @jakenastty







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